"If you're looking for a text-heavy adventure filled with all the magic and whimsical feel of a fairy-tale, look no further. (...) The Grey Rainbow is a lovingly crafted reminder about what's important in life told through an often silly but always heartfelt narrative. It's the sort of game that wants to make you smile and succeeds more often than not, and sometimes that's just the sort of magic you need to get you through your day."


- Dora, JayIsGames.com



"To be completely honest point and click adventure games are not typically my favorite genre. I suppose I prefer straight action and skill based games to a sitting back and enjoying a nice story with some mild puzzles to solve. However, occasionally I'll play them and find I do enjoy some of them. Today's review is on such a flash game. A story based point and click puzzle game called The Grey Rainbow from Black Olive Games and I will say this is one of the few I quite liked. (...) Overall I was pleasantly surprised by The Grey Rainbow and think the graphics and story are very unique."


- Robbie Clark, Flashmush.com 



"A really quite lovely hand-drawn adventure game, in the style of the Lands of Dream series. You're an unhappy guy in a grey, dull world, but thankfully you soon emerge into a sketchy, multicoloured wonderland, supported by a soothing instrumental soundtrack. Calming stuff."


- Tom Sykes, PC Games



"The Grey Rainbow is a truly great adventure game full of vibrant colour and a rich compelling story that I am sure many of us can relate to. The artwork is truly inspired and the mechanics are great making this one colourful escape from the humdrum!"


- Alex Wilkinson, the Indie Game Magazine 



"It is simple in its beauty. This game deserves the first place in the monthly challenge. Seriously :) the story was really slow at the beginning, it was hard for me to get into the game and into the graphics, which are really particular, but that perfectly fit with the story, the characters and the message. I loved it as soon as it touched my heart, after speaking with mr tree :) The music seems as if there is a wind that slowly pushes the story towards something more and more deep that actually is much nearer to real life than anything else. I loved the ambience, loved the story, loved the funny characters. I would make a book or even a movie about this. :) 10/5"


- user Italiaanaa, Kongregate



"Black Olive Games have created a fairy tale with a touch of the modern world."


- Steve Brown, AdventureGamers.com 



"Great game! I was crying in the end... It is short, but this is not a flaw, given the particular nature of the game. I only play adventure games, and this is definitely in my top twenty - together with great classics!"


- user ednawashere, Newgrounds