Our first adventure game, filled with all the Evil Wizzards, talking squirrels and funky bugs you could ask for. Also features a nice story, the proper spelling of grey, and possibly some manly tears near the end.




On one of your more sombre days, you find yourself gazing through the windows at the city. Scyscrapers and other tall, grey buildings surround you, and you cannot help but be awash with dark thoughts - of dullness, routine, and inevitability. Startled, you realize your thoughts echo those of yesterday and those, of the day before that. Since when have you felt like this? Perhaps you need a vacation, a chance to get out of this drab city and into the world.


A rainbow stands in the sky, hidden from your view by the tall city. It had been raining, you see, but the usual feelings of freshness, and moist air, of potential for life after rain, are lost on you. Had they ever been as fresh and vivid as you remember or was that just a fancy, a boyhood memory playing tricks on your, now firmly adult, mind?


As you stand there gazing and pondering, an unexpected thing unexpectedly happens. A strange light envelops you and, quite suddenly, you are taken on an adventure. There is a strange new world to explore, one made out of dreams and stories. It is a place where magic is alive and everpresent, a place where anything can happen. It is disconcerting at first, but you quickly get your bearings. After all, you realize, this world isn't that much different from your own.


But, as in any good adventure story, there is a catch. The world is in danger from... something. And it seems that you have been brought here to help, if you so wish.


Thus, your journey begins. Will you be able to help? Will you change the world, and will it change you in the process?


Find out, and enjoy!



This is a standard point-and-click adventure game. That means puzzles, dialogues and story. Lots of it!


Once you are done with the game, you can download and read the short story which served as the basis for it. It holds the essence of the game, but is different, more raw, in some respects. Should provide an interesting couple of minutes.