"Chapter 1 itself is on the short side, and don't expect to finish with more answers than questions, but the series shows a lot of promise, and later this year we'll see if it can continue the momentum."

- Dora, JayIsGames


"Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 has a pretty engrossing story that is well worth playing through to read about and the hand drawn graphics are amazing in my opinion. Check this game out."

- Flashmush


"This introductory chapter to a new series from Black Olive Games sketches out an interesting new fantasy world."

- AdventureGamers


"Wow...a really touching but short adventure! Reminded me of the glory of old adventure games. Looking forward to the sequel."

- user whir, Armor Games


"This is one of the best renditions of a full RPG I've seen here or many other sites. I'm a big fan of the point-and-click style of games, and I love RPGs. This has a story that seems intriguing and not too crazy. I love the art style, the sound did well to set the mood, and I liked the dialogue system."

- user Rayne87, Newgrounds


"One of the best point-and-click games I've ever played. A couple of minigames to keep me interested. And the items to find aren't just a pixel or the color black while in a dark area. 5/5"

- user Nightryderace, Kongregate