Tainted Olive is a Flash-based adventure game with lots of dialogue and an overarching story that should eventually cover six chapters in total. That is, unless we make tons of money (not very likely) and decide on prolonging it indefinitely. This is the first chapter.



You are an adventurer, down on his luck. The start of the game finds you in an inn full of scum and gamblers, where you partake in larger quantities of drink and several games of dice. You have a reason for being here, for feeling so downtrodden. You are the only survivor of your adventuring party, and you are only alive today because you are, quite simply, a coward. Dark thoughts haunt your mind, and only large quantities of alcohol can mitigate your pain. 

However, more urgent matters arise. You have bet money you don't have on a game of dice, and you lost. Thinking swiftly, you cause a commotion in the inn, and run outside, to hide in the maze-like streets. While wandering like this, you stumble upon a job offer, hanging from a wall. It sounds easy enough, and this might be the only way to raise enough money to pay back what you owe... or you might not survive for long. People you owe money to should not be trifled with.

Closer investigation of the job posting reveals interesting tidbits. The Basilica (a large church, near the sea coast) is looking for adventurers for a seemingly simple task - finding olives. However, in this world olives are rare and possess magical properties. Finding some may not be as easy as it first sounds. 

The outskirts are dangerous this time of year and if you want to survive your trip to find olives, you must prepare yourself. 

The game takes place in the originally created fantasy world of Histria. Partly inspired by folk legends of Istra (a peninsula in Croatia), this world is a dark place, filled with magic, gods and demons. And Tainted Olive, Chapter 1, is your first step into that world.