We are a game studio from Croatia. Having been the generation exposed to computers from early age, we developed a love of games. And you know, it is an easy thing to do when you're surrounded by classics like Fallout 2, Vampire Bloodlines, Sanitarium, Monkey Island and others, too many to count. Having said that, every one of us holds point and click adventure games in high regard. It's an easy medium to get into, with simple and intuitive controls that actually allow the developer to focus on the story and experience, instead of the... unnecessary things.

So it is no big surprise that our first games were adventure games. They're relatively easy to do and, if done right, can have an impact. We started off easy, developing free flash games in order to get our bearings and gain some experience. It's a logical choice, since everything you do, you have to start from a point of no knowledge.

Of course, our future projects are going to be more ambitious and complex. That is a gradual change, since we are all becoming more confident in our areas of expertise - whether those are writing, programming, art or something else.

Without further ado, below are some of our members. With time, more will be added! 


Vlatko 'Wladisha' Goljevacki: The supreme leader of the team. He is like Conan the Barbarian and He-man rolled into one. Seriously. And also like Flash, since he does everything very very quickly. Without him, none of this would ever be possible. Well, the website would be possible. And the games. But would not rock as hard. And would have come out sometime next decade.

He is the soul of the team (which basically means he's most important). He also updates this page. 



Nikola 'Mentoliptus' Banko: The other supreme leader. He is in charge of development. So all those little things you do to actually play the games, all come from him. Give him a round of applause people. He works hard and receives nothing for it (exept big wads of cash). If you need something done, he's your man. But somehow, he doesn't know how to motivate people.

He programs games and serves as a reality check for when designers become too stupid to realize they made a mistake.



Petar Mileusnic: The newest member of our team. He has not yet earned the right to become supreme leader, for he still has to kill a shark with his bear (not bare) hands. Other than that, he can draw. Really! We tried to make him use pencils and crayons, but he says true drawings must be done in human blood.

He draws really fast, and really good, and a lot. But we rarely see him on Skype :(



Luka Sverko: Actual leader operating from the shadows. He has earned his title by using his extreme guile and cunningness to convince us he has earned his title. Driven by the unspeakable things that lurk in his C++ infested brain but actually a nice guy. Likes ninjas and thinks he's David Hasselhoff's divine avatar in this world. He is responsible for HAXE/NME development and for web development of this (awesome) site.

The only person cooler than him is David Hasselhoff. (op.ed. if you haven't realized yet, he has an obsession with David Hasselhoff)

He currently lives with cangaroos and eats babies.


  That's about it!