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Chapter 2 - Under Development! image


Chapter 2 - Under Development!

It's under development! Rejoice!

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Minigames! - part 2! image


Minigames! - part 2!

Part two of the evil minigames article.

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Minigames!- part 1! image


Minigames!- part 1!

Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 is out! To celebrate, we will publish a completely unrelated article on minigames!

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It's been a while! image


It's been a while!

We're baaaaaaaaaaaack! Even though we never left!

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Puzzling Adventures, Part 2 image


Puzzling Adventures, Part 2

Part two of the ongoing saga about puzzles in adventure games. Connects to part 1 (as if you didn't know that already). Read at your own peril, and enjoy.

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Puzzling Adventures, Part 1 image


Puzzling Adventures, Part 1

There are two things every man wants to do at some point in his life. One is to pilot giant robots in order to fight giant monsters. The other is to make adventure games. And adventure games have puzzles, which can be good or bad. Find about what constitutes good and bad puzzle-design!

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An Article That Makes Sense? image


An Article That Makes Sense?

Seriously, you didn't expect this. Hell, we didn't either. But here it is. A sensible article, on our website? Probably just an anomaly, so expect the usual evil, trashy article next week. In the meanwhile, why not put on your monocle and read through this one? It summarizes the long process of making Black Olive - Chapter 1, from a programmer's point of view.

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Of Course it's a New Update! image


Of Course it's a New Update!

It is that time of the week, boils and ghouls! We have an update for you and it's a completely new update, definitely not a revamp of some other, older update we never published. Would I lie? Anyway, find out more about our game-making process behind the click. Not for the faint of heart!

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The Road to Adventure image


The Road to Adventure

Adventure gamers unite! In today's update I will talk about the early beginnings of our company which is still in its early beginnings (wtf?!). Some of the things we've figured out, some of the games we've made. Also, a word or two about our next project...

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Over the Web, Over the Rainbow image


Over the Web, Over the Rainbow

Velcome, my dear, fleshy readers! In zis update ve vill suck your blood! Oops, I mean ve vill talk about Ze Grey Rainbow! Click ze link to find out ze best places to die!... I mean, to find ze best places to play ze game for free!

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The Grey Rainbow, reviews and reflections image


The Grey Rainbow, reviews and reflections

The Grey Rainbow, our first game, has been out for 4 months. In that time we received both praise, and some criticism. Since we are evil we don't care either way, and we hate everyone! Still, we are glad that many people liked the game, though I understand how some people can't get over the drawings (which are intentional) and the decidedly text-heavy adventuring. But, those who allow the game five minutes of their time will find a wonderful story and a lovely adventure waiting for them. Here is a summary of all the reviews and noteworthy publications of The Grey Rainbow, so far.

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The Grey Rainbow completed image


The Grey Rainbow completed

The Grey Rainbow is finished and ready to play! What is The Grey Rainbow all about? And more importantly, why should you be interested in it? To find out, just click the link, sign the deal with your blood, and play!

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Flipping is out! image


Flipping is out!

Available now on the App store now! Solve creative puzzles and train you spatial-logical thinking in this game.

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The site is online is finally online. Rejoice!